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May 29, 2012

Agile Software Development in the
Dept of Defense

Developing custom products for the military is a unique ball game. Beyond the technical complexities, there are competitive fly offs, decades-long procurement cycles, oppressive regulatory documents, security clearances, demanding oversight etc. etc.

Despite occasional (but often highly publicized) program over runs, the DoD is reasonably leading edge and, like others, is struggling with Agile development as a potentially valuable software process.

This presentation will cover program management issues specific to DoD and Agile software development processes. A large recent program, the Joint Tactical Radio System (JRTS), will be highlighted as a case study of how new technology opportunities are executed and managed by the military.

Guest Speaker

Richard Hanson recently retired as the VP Development for General Dynamics' Communications Division. In this role he was responsible for over 1,000 engineers and revenues exceeding $1 billion.

Richard joined the EEF over a year ago and has contributed substantial insight to our body of knowledge.

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September 25, 2012



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