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Prediction Market Analytics
Stonebraker / Helland, RDBMS; The End of an Architectural Era
Forecasting Canon: Nine Generalizations to Improve Accuracy
NIST: Study on cost of inadequate software
Update on the Venture Capital Industry: 2010
Ruby on Rails Presentation; March 2010
Social media tools and product lifecycle management 2010
Data Center Architectures: January 2011
Management Practices

Efficiency vs. Creativity
Negotiating in Matrix Organizations
Outsourcing: Making it work
Outsourcing: Organizational Impacts
Savvy Customer Support; new roles and structures
Outsourcing: China's Century: Hype or Hope
Software Security: New Industry Initiatives for Development
Software quality and the space shuttle
Agile Development. The Straight Scoop for Senior Execs
Agile Implementation Roundtable
Turnaround Engineering: Fixing broken organizations

Project Portfolio Management
Hierarchies in Project Selection
Project Capacity Management reprint
Marginal Benefits in Project Selection
Forester Project Portfolio Tools Analysis
Using Strategic Buckets


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